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CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION has been consistently committed to providing excellence in the international education consulting industry. The benefits that set CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION apart from other education consultants are:

We only promote reputable educational institutions that offer high quality courses.

We represent a wide variety of educational institutions so the advice we give our students is impartial.

We provide long-term solutions for our students. Through our head operation office and overseas partner, we provide ongoing service and support to our students before departure and after arrival, and throughout their studCan-Achieve Education.

We have a long-term vision for our company to grow and develop. We invest heavily in our company and staff to ensure our students consistently receives high quality service.

CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION enjoys an excellent reputation amongst Chinese students, recruitment agent as well as Canada institutions as one of the most professional and successful education consulting firms in China.

CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION represents more than 400 government and private institutions throughout worldwide. This includes universities, high schools, English language centers, business colleges and other vocational training institutions.

Can-Achieve Education is the principal representative for some of American、Canada and New Zealand's most prestigious institutions including University of Saskatchewan, McMaster University, University of Toronto (International Foundation Program), University of Cincinnati, University of Delaware, Virginia Tech (Language and Culture Institute), University of Auckland, Massey University, Canterbury University and more.

CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION has accumulated valuable experience, having served more than 5,000 students, worked with more than 400 institutions and processed over 6,000 school applications.

We know what students want and need, and understand their concerns.

We know what type of school and course suits individual students.

We know how to work with institutions to process applications with the highest success rate.

We know how to work with the embassies and local governments to help students obtain student visas.

We know whom to contact if a student faces a problem at school or elsewhere to resolve the problem quickly.

Students with outstanding academic results often find it takes too long to receive an offer letter; students with marginal qualifications can experience difficulties in applying for their chosen course or university; students from high risk countries may find it difficult to get a student visa.

With CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION's extensive knowledge and experience, you can increase your chances of getting into a quality Canadian institution and having your student visa approved.

During 2006-2008, CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION obtained more than 3,000 university degree offers for our students. Among them, 92% were from leading universities. Our summer camp group is 100%.

The majority of students on CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION-designed pathways have successfully entered their desired university.

Students can expect expert advice and exceptional service from CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION's professional team. All of our staff are highly experienced and undertake regular training to improve product knowledge and customer service skills.

Many of our consultants have over 3 years relative work experience, part of our consultants have also studied in abroad as international students, so we understand your needs and can offer you first-hand advice.

All managers in branch offices have been trained by CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION's head operation office in Beijing.

Regular training sessions are conducted by leading educational institutions in our head operation office and branch offices and partners to ensure that our staff stays up-to-date with the latest application procedures and course information.

Our operational system is one of the best in the industry.

A positive attitude and willingness to help are requirements for all CAN-ACHIEVE EDUCATION staff.

Can-achieve is Certified by the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC)

Can-Achieve Education is one of the earliest international student recruitment agencies certified by AIRC in 2010. Can-Achieve has been awarded Certification by AIRC through 2025. In order to achieve AIRC Certification, an agency must successfully complete a rigorous self-evaluation and external review process based on the AIRC Certification Standards, which evaluate the agency's business practices and the effectiveness of the services rendered in recruiting qualified students to accredited educational institutions in the United States.

AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) is a Standards Development Organization, which is registered with the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission. It is developed by educational leaders to safeguard the interests of both international students and enrolling institutions through the promotion of ethical, standards-based international recruitment strategies. It is the only professional education membership association focused solely on issues relating to international student recruitment in the US. For additional information about AIRC, visit AIRC's website.For additional information about AIRC, visit:
Comments about us for the American International Recruitment Council

"The University of Saskatchewan has been a partner of Can-Achieve Education for many years. Can-Achieve provides useful services to students by linking them to good schools abroad and to the university by careful preparation of applications and documents. Can-Achieve's recruitment events are professionally organized and well operated by sincere staff who often remain with the company for many years."
—— Mr. Dale Yellowlees,University of Saskatchewan

"Loughborough University has been working with Can-Achieve for over 5 years. I am impressed with the quality of its student referrals and the professionalism of its staff members. Can-Achieve has a dedicated UK department with experienced Counsellors who take the time to understand the University’s requirements so the most suitable students are referred to our academic programmes. Can-Achieve has always been extremely helpful in assisting Loughborough and is considered a strong University partner. Overall, we are very pleased with Can-Achieve and look forward to developing and supporting this relationship in the future."
—— Charlie Carter,Director, International Office, Loughborough University

"Camosun College has developed a close partnership with Can-Achieve and we rely on their advice and expertise. We consider Can-Achieve to be one of the most reputable and successful student recruitment agencies in China. They are experts on Canadian post -secondary education and we recommend them to anyone interested in seeing an increase in the quality of their Chinese student applicants."
—— Mr. Geoff Wilmshurst,Camosun College, Victoria, BC Canada

"We have attended several fairs conducted by Can Achieve. They have an excellent reputation and it shows in everything they do for us and for prospective students. We hope that we start to begin to see the number of students with our new scholarship programs increase for the upcoming academic years. It has been a pleasure to work with Can Achieve."
—— Ms. Penny Gerdeman,The University of Findlay

"I would like to congratulate Can-Achieve for their dedication to their partners. From the start of our contractual arrangement, I felt very positive about this relationship. Right after signing as an official partner, I received very detailed questions about the application process. Starting with senior leadership, there is a commitment in the organization to be sure that the counselors are trained and that applications are properly submitted for processing. This is very reassuring as a US institutional partner. Also, as commented on above, during the office visit, we felt very welcomed and that the time spent was valued by the team. This, too, goes a long way to a partner."
—— Ms. Krista Northup,The State University of New York, SUNY Global Center

"Can-Achieve has been an excellent partner of SDSU's ALI for many years. When providing student documentation and following admissions procedures, Can-Achieve has consistently one of our best partners. Our admissions staff has very much appreciated the attention to detail that Can-Achieve instills in all the applications they send. Their staff is very professional and always very nice to work with. When we have questions about the Chinese market or something where we would like an outside point of view, we always go to Can-Achieve first as we value and trust their opinion. This is a great agency."
—— Noah W. Hansen,San Diego State University College of Extended Studies

"CityU is highly satisfied with and greatly values its relationship with Can-Achieve. Not only does the company do an excellent job referring students to CityU, but it also helps the university navigate the complex Chinese educational landscape. We trust their judgment and advice and greatly appreciate the company's efforts in helping CityU with developing and implementing its marketing and outreach strategies in China. Normally, the turnaround time in our correspondence with Can-Achieve on all administrative matters is 24 hours. The company follows the best US business practices in this regard. This being said, sometimes our admission staff encounters difficulties in getting a timely response from application preparers concerning particular application cases. We realize that application preparers may need time to get required documents/information from a student and would appreciate it if they could simply acknowledge our admission staff's letters so that we would know that the issue is being addressed. This would be very helpful for us. Can-Achieve's application preparers are well trained with CityU's application requirements and in most cases are very thorough when preparing application packages for the university. Can-Achieve is a great agency which provides an excellent example of how an AIRC certified company should work with US institutions. I look forward to continuing to work with Can-Achieve on recruiting students from China to CityU."
—— Dmitry Sherbakov,City University of Seattle

"Can-Achieve is thoughtful, creative, and follows agreed upon business procedures very well. Can-Achieve is always quick and thorough in our correspondence. Can-Achieve is meticulous in ensuring all documentation is correct and complete. Can-Achieve has proven itself a reliable, trusted partner."
—— Patrick F Colabucci,California State University

"Can-Achieve is a very professional and progressive agency. Through use of on-line and traditional counseling, this agency is able to accommodate and assist the widest range of students by providing tailor-service to meet their needs. Congratulations on doing such a fine job. Can-Achieve is exemplary and a model for the industry."
—— Mr. Dan Plaut,ELS Educational Services

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